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For the receptionist

To run a good hotel it requires that you have a solid hotel software. Why is it important to have a solid hotel software program? It's important because it is only then you can organize your guests in a good way. And if you have a high quality program then you will have a satisfied crew. Why is that? A high quality program can be easy to navigate. So why don't you take a closer look if you can get a good hotel software. This could be a good investment for your hotel. It can help you in many ...

Rent a castle

I think I'm going to rent a chateau with my family this summer. I have had som plans for a while of doing it but I don't know what the others think about this idea. But I think that it would be a great experience! Just think of having a big castle all to yourself! I'm going to ask the rest of my family and see what they think of it. If they like the idea I'm going to book a trip there as soon as possible!


It was really time to cut the grass. Not so difficult because we do not have as much grass to mow. The lawnmower is self driving so the only thing I have to do is the steering. And there it becomes difficult because I have a love-hate relationship with lawnmowers. It seems that I always manage to get the lawnmower severely damaged by hitting rocks. At the moment I am completely sure that I have checked that there are no rocks on the grass the noise of the lawnmower tells me something else, again a rock.